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May 2016 
From Devon to Hong Kong and Spain inbetween!!! This weekend. 
Devon........Delamore 1st to 31st May !0.30. to 4.30 Cornwood Devon  
Spain.......San Sabastian International Art Fair 13th May to 15th May with Clifton Fine Art of Bristol 
Hong Kong.....AAF 13th to 15th of May...with Marine house at Beer Devon 
April 2016 
April 9th 2016 Clifton Fine Art Bristol..... Mixed Show also features the work of Rowdy, Michelle Townsend, James Jones, Rhoda Baker and Juraj Prodaj 

Looking around my studio I sometimes wonder how I arrived at this point.... being a full time painter...... a romantic notion in itself !! Well I guess from being a small person the act of drawing was a way of escaping and that still holds true, I just do it now on a larger scale and with a paint brush. However the absolute answer is I just worked hard at something I love to do......often frustrating, nearly always all consuming..... but so satisfying and rewarding when it comes together. 
Painting is a very solitary activity and my paintings become a conversation with myself. So its no surprise to me that an odd figure, an upside down house, a strange dog or teapot appears in my work......its only a reflection of my thoughts and memories. As well as a personal reflection I find that I also incorporate the narrative of others which I trip over either in person or through the media. 
I now live and work a mile from the Devon coast at Bigbury, a great place to live. The studio is where I retreat to work...... though it is also somewhere I need to escape from, at times when things just don’t seem to be going the way I intend. So then the beach is where I head to...... walking and talking through my thoughts which tumble in my head not always about work but also about decisions of the day to day, which I need to resolve before I can paint. So living by the coast for the last few years hasn’t turned me into a seascape artist. Rather it has influenced elements, like colour and scale, but most importantly it has given me a place to clear my head and restore my thoughtsf both before and after painting. 
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