Images, Past and Present

This section of the website is dedicated to depicting the variety of works I have produced past and present. It contains a selection of works from previous or present exhibitions.

Keep an eye out for changes in the selections as they will be updated with both new exhibitions and prior unpublished images of exhibited works.

Charlie O’Sullivan

Beyond the Terminus of Memory

'In his 1949 book, Beyond the Terminus of Stars, the East End poet Hugo Manning asked, “In the oceans' wastes, is the albatross alone happy?” For him, I believe the answer lay between rumour and reality, truth and fiction, that place best occupied by storytelling. The...

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Perrenial Letters

Perennial: Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time. Perennial Letters, Charlie O'Sullivan's 2016 solo show is rooted in contemplation and time. The body of paintings exhibited in this show could not provide a more varied approach to the complexities...

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Featured Work

Arms aloft the tepid water waits for Mrs Beckett with her new costume on. Whilst the fisherman sing their catch hauled in she waits by the edge of the sea. Hoping thoughts will be washed by the tide she takes a deep breathe and dips her toe...

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