Perennial: Lasting or existing for a long or apparently infinite time. Perennial Letters, Charlie O’Sullivan’s 2016 solo show is rooted in contemplation and time. The body of paintings exhibited in this show could not provide a more varied approach to the complexities of recurring thoughts and the often disparate emotions that they can stir.

Below is a selection out of the forty paintings created for the show: 

In Charlie’s own words, this show is about the ‘memories which take hold of you, which always come back, the old memories which define our tropes and motifs in painting as with life’. This notion of contemplation is prevalent throughout these paintings and is at the core of their variety. Rather than coming across as incoherent, Perennial Letters illustrates the multiple facets which grow as a result of thought, recollection and reflection. By challenging not only the size, but the shape that a painting can be such as in Just Being Home as well as pushing further in her exploration of both figurative and abstract landscape focussed work, Charlie has created a visual montage of the differing responses we all share and we are left with our own thoughts and memories whilst avoiding cliched categorisations of ‘melancholic exhibition’ or ‘honeymoon years’.